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RACE (Raising Awareness & Corporate Employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Turkey)


LLLearning; Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation Project


8 Partners                                             

EASPD plays the role of Project Partner

Project Duration

The project lasted for 24 months from 01/11/2011 to 31/10/2013

Main Objectives:

All people, including those with disabilities, have the right to work on an equal basis with others. Nevertheless, compared with non-disables people, it is 5 times more likely that persons with disabilities face unemployment and social exclusion. However, persons with disabilities represent an untapped source of skills and talent, and increasing their access to the open primary labour market will improve their economic sustainability and individual quality of life. Gaining inclusive employment will also increase their independence and confidence.
The RACE project aims at raising the awareness among the different stakeholders, such as the trainers, managers and policy makers, to enage and guide them to create and facilitate learning and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Turkey and Italy.

Concrete steps:
  • Adapt and translate training material from previous projects (Atlas, Conversion and 'Pass It On') into Turkish, English and Italian. The material is available on
  • Hold Policy roundtables in Belgium and Turkey, to foster an active involvement of key stakeholders
  • Create a European good practice catalogue
  • Set up pilot training in Turkey and Italy, through 6-day face-to-face trainings of VET trainers, career counselors, managers and public authorities, that took place in February and March 2013.
  • Develop an Electronic employer's guide for effective integration of PWD available on CD-Rom and on the internet
  • Produce policy recommendations for Turkish decision-makers (in English and Turkish)
Final conference:

The final conference took place in Istanbul at the end of September 2013. The final results of the project were presented as well as some good practices. The methods of generating further awareness of employment of people with disabilities was discussed, along policy debates.

Contact details

Sonia Staskowiak, Project & Finance Officer

Tel: +32 2 282 46 17

Tel: sonia.staskowiak(at)


Reports & Docs

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