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EASPD regularly issues studies and publications on subjects of interest to the organisation, usually themed on a policy area of interest to the organisation on access to funds.

Reports and publications



  • EASPD Strategic Choices 2014-2017 (2014): Reaching Out: Building an Inclusive Society". The EASPD multiannual strategy introduces our new approach designed to focus on further reaching out towards persons with disabilities, our members and allies as well as towards other stakeholders such as the European institutions.The strategic decisions and measures we have decided to implement will also be converted into concrete actions in our annual action plans for 2014 to 2017.

Read the strategic paper in English - French - German.





  • EASPD Report: Investing in Social Care and Support: A European Imperative EN
  • High-level Taskforce on Investing in Social Infrastructure: Boosting Investment in Social Infrastructure in Europe EN
  • EASPD Report: The European Semester and Social Investment: Addressing the funding gap in social services EN
  • EASPD Report: Working Time Directive in Social Care and Support Services for Persons with Disabilities: European Summary: EN 
  • EASPD Report: Working Time Directive in Social Care and Support Services for Persons with Disabilities: Case of Austria: EN
  • EASPD Report: Working Time Directive in Social Care and Support Services for Persons with Disabilities: Case of Spain: EN
  • EASPD Report: Working Time Directive in Social Care and Support Services for Persons with Disabilities: Case of Slovakia: EN 
  • EASPD Report: Working Time Directive in Social Care and Support Services for Persons with Disabilities: Case of the UK: EN 
  • Overview of the purpose and work of the Taskforce “Developing the Support Services of Tomorrow”: EN
  • Employment for All - 10 Best Practices on Employment Strategies for Persons with Disabilities: EN
  • EASPD Research Agenda in Disability Services: EN
  • Easy Read Joint Declaration: “Developing Together the Support of Tomorrow”: EN


  • EASPD Report: “European Semester: Developing More Inclusive Labour Markets for All?”: EN
  • EASPD commissioned study: "The economic impact of inclusion in the open labour market for persons with disabilities"  By Prof. Stephen Beyer and Dr. Annie Beyer EN
  • Joint Declaration “Developing Together the Support of Tomorrow”: EN
  • Joint Definition Co-production: EN
  • EASPD policy paper "Proposed Amendments to European Commission Proposal:European Fund for Strategic Investments 2.0": EN
  • EASPD opinion on the Draft of the European Pillar of Social Rights: EN
  • EASPD Briefing paper "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership": EN
  • EASPD Briefing paper "Personal and Household Services": EN
  • EASPD discussion note "Migrants with Disabilities: Ensuring access to quality services": EN
  • EASPD State of Play "European Fund for Strategic Investment & Social Inclusion": EN - FR
  • Zero Project Analysis: Social Innovations in Early Childhood Intervention. Eight European case studies ready to be scaled-up: EN
  • EASPD Briefing paper on Country Specific Recommendations (CSR): EN
  • EASPD statement on Early Childhood Intervention: EN
  • EASPD Report on the European Accessibility Act: EN
  • EASPD Report on the UN Concluding Observations on the EU Report on the Implementation of the CRPD: EN
  • EASPD study: Unlocking the EFSI for Social Services: EN
  • EASPD Salzburg Education Declaration: Towards more inclusive learning environments in Europe: EN - FR - DE
  • EASPD booklet: Five good practices on support services and independent living: EN - FR
  • EASPD research: Care in the 21st century – expanding the social care workforce for people with disabilities: EN - SUMMARY
  • EASPD research: Initial research on in-work poverty in the social service provision sector: EN - SUMMARY
  • EASPD Report: How can the European Semester help to implement the UN CRPD: EN
  • EASPD Booklet Employment for All: 10 Best practices in employment support for persons with disabilities: EN, FR, DE
  • EASPD briefing paper: Job Creation Potential of the Social Services Sector: EN
  • EASPD Position Paper: Service Provision to Tackle Long-term Unemployment: EN (Annex 1 - Annex 2 - Annex 3)
  • EASPD Alternative Report on the implementation of the UN CRPD by the European Union: EN
  • EASPD report: Enjoyment of rights in practice: towards the new CoE Disability Action Plan: EN
  • EASPD Report: Europe 2020 and the European Semester. Bringing Wellbeing to All?: EN
  • EASPD Research Paper: Strengthening the workforce for people with disabilities: Initial mapping across Europe: EN
  • EASPD Employment Declaration: EN, DE, HR, FR
  • EASPD Policy paper: The new public procurement directive. Assessment based on EASPD recommendations: EN
  • EASPD Booklet: 10 Best Practices in Employment Support for People with Disabilities, available in EN, FR, DE.
  • EASPD Roadmap on Deinstitutionalisation: EN
  • EASPD and Vlerick Business School report on HR strategy and recommendations for improving the atractiveness of the social services sector in Europe: EN
  • EASPD Report (2012): Users' Involvement in Social Services: Inspiring approaches to promote participation of persons with disabilities: EN - FR - DE
  • EASPD Booklet (2012): The service providers' role as human rights enablers in times of crisis: EN
  • EASPD Booklet on State Aid (2008) - the new general block exemption regulation: EN​
  • EASPD Report (2007): An international comparison of methods of financing employment of disadvantaged people: EN - NL
  • EASPD Booklet (2007): Funding opportunities from the EU and other public and private donour schemes: EN - NL 


Other key documents for EASPD's work

In order to fully understand the context upon which we work in, we wish to provide those interested with a series of useful documents from other organisations and institutions which can help to place, situate and explain the work we and our members do.



  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). The most important document for our organisation is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD). It is upon this document that we base most of our work in Brussels. You may find it in a multitude of languages by clicking on the previous link.