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Ray of Hope
Voja Djenisijevica No 14
84210 Pljevlja
Mrs. Sanela Žiga:

“Ray of Hope“ is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. “Ray of Hope” advocates for social inclusion of children with disabilities and provides activities aimed at improving the integration of children and young people with disabilities. “Ray of Hope” promotes the social inclusion of children with disabilities and equal opportunity for social, political, and economic participation as adults. “Ray of Hope” represents 94 members, parents of children and youth with disabilities, and citizens. “Ray of Hope” is an active member of the National Association of Parents of Children with Disability (NARDOS CG). Our mission is to socialize and integrate children with disabilities into all spheres of society and to promote equal opportunities and full participation of children with disabilities in the social environment. Our vision is for a democratic society in which inclusion is realised. Our values include teamwork, tolerance, respect for differences, and an openness for new experiences and knowledge.

Day care Center for children and youth with disabilities "Pljevlja"
Voja Djenisijevića No 14
84210 Pljevlja
Mrs. Svetlana Dujović:

The Day care Center for students with disabilities-Pljevlja is a publicly funded institution founded in 2011 by the Municipality of Pljevlja and non-profit Parents of Children with Disabilities- "Ray of Hope". As a social service for children and youth with disabilities, the Day care Center-Pljevlja offers a wide range of services (socialization, care, social and medical rehabilitation, training for independence in activities of daily living, leisure activities, support for parents) and functional life skills instruction. Day care Center-Pljevlja advocates for full social inclusion in society and educates children utilizing individual support plans in both one-on-one and whole group instruction. Day care Center-Pljevlja also facilitates inclusion in all social and community activities.